About us

Jabalpur Management Association (JMA) is an academic venture founded in 2013 for initiating qualitative changes in Higher Education. We are registered under the government of India Society Acts (1973). We are mainly focusing on creating interacting spaces in the educational institutions. We are also committed to leading your institutions to excellence through our various programmes  such as workshops, debates, trainings and conferences. We are involved in Journal and book publications for disseminating the new ideas of the digital world in a larger scale. At the outset, we mainly concentrated on building the intellectual infrastructure and we believe that we have been quite successful thus far. The prolific responses that our conferences, workshops and the Journals are receiving bear testimony to our sincere efforts. Above all, Academicians, all over the world, are acknowledging the ethos of JMA. 

We offer you immense opportunities to promote your institutions’ names through sponsorships and collaborations. There are many options by which you can make your institutions as part of our events. Depending on the value of sponsorships, back-stage materials, publicity materials, information brochure, badges, direction arrows, mementos, writing pads, pens, conference kits, refreshment packs and certificates with your institutions’ names printed on them may be brought in for the promotions.

In addition, the institutions concerned may also select resource persons for the conferences, shortlist candidates for the various awards instituted by JMA and also publish the research articles in our edited volumes of books and journals at considerable rates.


JMA works for the integration of intellectual ideas across the globe to accelerate innovations and produce quality human beings.


JMA is keen on provoking the thoughts of the academicians in diverse fields.

What we do at JMA?

  1. Publications
  2. Journals.
  3. Conference.
  4. Book Publications.
  5. Workshop
  6. Research & Development