JMA Research Consultancy Unit

JMA Research Consultancy Unit (JRCU) is an offspring of JMA that is assisting the formulation and consolidation of research proposals from various domains for the Government Sector and Private Sector Companies, and Funding Agencies.

JRCU is also offering effective guidance for the research aspirants in Science and Engineering. JRCUs is dedicated to bringing about innovative and outstanding analytical processes and techniques that aid industries in achieving eminence.

Moreover, Academic Researches carried out for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a demanding task which needs a lot of interest, patience and skills. Moreover, writing a thesis is a prudent exercise which needs a fluency in writing and an expertise in subjects. We are offering complete guidance for the research aspirants during their doctoral studies in various subjects- science, engineering and Humanities. We are helping them from the very first phase of the researches to the final submission and our guidance also includes suggesting appropriate journals to publish the research articles. We assure them unconditional support for the successful submission of the theses before the cutoff dates by strictly adhering to the rules of the respective Universities.

What we offer from JRCU?

  • We are helping the researchers formulate research proposals based on the social and real world problems.
  • We are offering consulting services for funded research projects.
  • We are with you for cherry picking the areas of interests and suggesting appropriate inputs for the research.
  • We are guiding the researchers in formulating their research work and get them exclusive guidance from the experts of International Universities.
  • We are also helping the researchers in writing coherent theses.
  • We are facilitating the researchers to choose appropriate Journals for publishing their articles.