Jabalpur Management Association is a professional organization to promote mutual exchange of principles and practices.
It is an association of Institutional and Individual Members with a common desire to improve the standard of Education/business management and to increase their effectiveness.

Membership Criteria

Any individual holding a position of authority in any industrial or commercial firm, government enterprise, consulting firm, or individual teaching management subjects or engaged in management research are eligible for Individual membership.

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership of SAMA comprises of Founder Members and additional management organizations satisfying the criteria set out hereunder:
A. Non-profit and non-political by definition;
B. Recognised as a National academician.
C. Contributing to the upgrading of management standards and practice;
D. Proven ability to effectively pursue its own mission and commitment to SAMA;
E. Be located within the broad geographical description of the Asian region;
F. Subscribe to the purpose of SAMA; and Has paid the due fees as set out in SAMA Constitution.

Associate Member

Associate Membership of SAMA is open to Management Organizations which do not momentarily or otherwise fulfil all of the criteria set out for Ordinary Members.